Pelago Trips proudly announces its collaboration with five extraordinary companies that redefine the essence of Caribbean Experiences. These carefully curated partnerships promise to unveil the untouched beauty and authentic charm of the Nature Isle, offering travelers a UNIQUE opportunity to delve into the heart of Dominica’s TRUE RICH CULTURE and BREATHTAKING landscapes. 

From the LUSH Retreat of Saranagati Forest Hermitage to the CAPTIVATING underwater wonders captured by Matt Arquey Photography, each collaboration represents an AUTHENTIC tapestry of distinct offerings. We promise to share the extraordinary journey into the Hidden Gems of Dominica, where we highlight each business contribution as a unique thread to the vibrant tapestry of the Caribbean experience. Ready to explore the uncharted with Pelago Trips and these exceptional Hidden Gems? Let the adventure begin. 

Sea Cliff Eco Cottages | Sea Cliff Gin – 

A Tropical Tale that goes from the bustling streets of New York to the rainforest and sun soaked haven of Dominica featuring a daring family of 4, Simon and Amber with two spirited sons who traded the city skyline for the lush landscapes of Caribbean Life. Two years into evolving Sea Cliff Eco-Cottages, it’s more than just a place to stay – they are an ode to Dominica’s natural beauty, boasting solar-powered swagger and a vibe where modern design flirts shamelessly with nature. A stay at Sea Cliff Eco Cottages means curated libraries, Caribbean authors taking center stage, and a Small Batch Botanical Gin Distillery – a gin haven in the tropics with complimentary tastings, gin lab tours, and a stroll through the Gin Botanicals Trail, set in 2 acres of tropical gardens with ocean views that will warm your heart. 

Plugged into the heart of Calibishie’s vibrant village, Amber and Simon serve as members of the Calibishie Tourism Community, Promoting Local Businesses, Hosting Retreat Extravaganzas, and partnering with mixologists to bring you such a one of a kind experience to their solar-powered, eco-cottages showing us what real Sustainable MVPs should aspire to be like. Sea Cliff prides themselves in not only being a stay, but a tropical escapade waiting to unfold. 



Modern Day Goddess – 

At the core of Modern Day Goddess’s philosophy lies a commitment to living an Alternative Holistic Wellness, Canna-Tourism and Beauty lifestyle, where authenticity seamlessly intertwines with freedom.

As a Certified Reiki Healer and Feng Shui Practitioner, Chelsea Williams mission has been cultivating safe spaces for women to evolve and thrive in their power, to embrace their sensuality and live in a truth that resonates with the highest version of themselves. As The Founder, Chelsea, is a radiant embodiment of love, light, and good vibes. She has harnessed the Natural Beauty of Dominica and infuses it into her Services such as her Sound Bath Meditation submerged in nature. This thoughtful incorporation allows her clients to immerse themselves in the true essence of Holistic Healing and Divine Peace. 

In essence, Modern Day Goddess is a sanctuary where Chelsea’s vision and passion converge to create an empowering haven for women seek ing authenticity, sensuality, and overall holistic well-being. 



Soufriere Outdoor Centre –

Perched above the charming Soufriere fishing village, the Soufriere Outdoor Center is the gateway to the most exhilarating Kayaking Adventures on the island!

Picture this: Not just a tour, but a thrilling connection with marine life, designed to gently push you out of your comfort zone in the safest way possible.

Their mission? To make the Sea an inviting space for all, promoting Water Sports Adventure in Dominica’s Tourism that promises an electrifying sense of exploration no matter your Kayaking Experience Level. The Soufriere Outdoor Centre Team recently

also has extended beyond the waves of the paddle boards, kayas and recently held their FIRST EVER Swimming Marathon in The Nature Isle while all remaining committed to fostering their love for the ocean.

Leading initiatives for The Soufriere Village cleanups and Championing Environmental Stewardship.


Saranagati Forest Hermitage –

Nestled on three acres of untainted land, Saranagati Forest Hermitage stands as a Tranquil Retreat Center enveloped by the Central Forest Reserve, cradled by the gentle

flow of a small river in the heart of Belles, Dominica. It beckons as a sanctuary offering its guests disconnection from the hustle and bustle of life—an invitation to detach and rediscover our connection with nature and, in turn, our true selves.

Stepping into this world where the art of simplicity takes center stage. Walking barefoot, immersing oneself in the refreshing embrace of the river, and relishing the crisp

mountain air that permeates the forest. In this safe haven, discover abundant gardens adorned with a tapestry of FRUITS TREES, FLOWERS, HERBS, LILLY POND and so much more one can explore. These natural wonders serve as the perfect complement to the Ayurvedic Treatments and Practices offered such as Foot Pressure Massages and All flow of Yoga, providing one a Holistic Rooted approach towards relaxation, stress relief, and rejuvenation.

Saranagati Forest Hermitage isn’t just a hideout—it’s an immersion into the Symphony of Nature Isle of Dominica. A space where every step, each breath gives an opportunity to reconnect with the essence of life itself.

Matt Arquey Underwater Photography –

Crafted to LITERALLY CAPTURE and Captivate all your senses and transport you beyond the mere scopes of his lens, Matt Arquey is a master of his craft, drawing you into a

world where moments unfold both submerged in the ethereal depths of bodies of water and firmly grounded on the shores of the ocean.

Specializing in Underwater Photography, Videography and Drone Piloting, Matt has this way of encapsulating the poetry of life beneath the waves where each photo tells a

story. A narrative that seamlessly blends the fluidity of the ocean with the beauty of the terrestrial world.



Pelago Trips has woven a seamless tapestry of extraordinary experiences in the Caribbean with some of Dominica’s most memorable businesses and partners, that echoes the true pillars of the Islands Tourism Eco – System, welcoming it’s travelers to embark on one’s own odyssey into the heart of The Caribbean, called Dominica.

And So, our adventure continues!